Louisiana-based R&B artist Ari Bleux is set to release her horror music video, ‘Michael Meyers

R&B singer-songwriter, Ari Bleux is back with the news of her upcoming release, her first video shoot, ‘Michael Meyers’. The word is that she is currently getting ready to release the music video with New Orleans-based rap artist S Dot. The video is recorded by Epic Vision Production and it's going to be an incredible comedy-horror video treat as the name suggests. Fascinated by the fictional character of Myers, from the Halloween series of slasher films, the talented singer is going to offer her fans a brilliant fun thrilling experience.

Known for her alluring vocal ability, Ari Bleux manages to keep the audience hooked on her melodic creations and make them crave more. The multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, actress, dancer, and more, is bringing the fusion of her musical dexterity and stunning visual art with her upcoming music video, ‘Michael Meyers’.

Born on October 20th, 2000, Ari Bleux is a passionate R&B artist who loves to entertain her fans and wants to spread her music across the world. She is a fan of horror movies herself, which pushed her to create her impending music video, ‘Michael Meyers’.

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